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Modern design furniture has its beginnings in the late 19th century, heavily incorporating the elements and ideas of the modern philosophical movement.  After World War II, furniture design began to move towards a “less is more” approach, eschewing decorative arts in favor of getting rid of excess and focusing on the practicality and commodification of materials to create a new minimalist aesthetic.  With the emergence of new technology, new philosophies, and the incorporation of architecture principles, modern design would eventually affect the furniture industry in a major way.  Modern design furniture would experience rapid innovation, thanks to the groundbreaking efforts of names like husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames and Isamu Noguchi, famous for his innovative coffee table.

Today, modern design furniture can be found in many different furniture pieces, from coffee tables to beds, lighting, chairs, sofas, shelving, furniture for children, and even outdoor furniture.  Maintaining the modernism principles, these pieces continue to be a superb example of craftsmanship, style, creativity and innovation, thanks to the many yesteryear and contemporary designers like French designer Phillippe Starck.

Each of the pieces showcased on the CA Modern Home website and showroom are a testament to the modern design movement.  As you explore each product you can read a little history about the item, who designed it and you can customize your choice.  Take time to enjoy exploring the many classic pieces showcased throughout our website.