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The rapid rise in modern design furniture would create shockwaves throughout the furniture industry, leading to the emergence of many designers, brands, and manufacturers.  These brands and manufacturers would go on to produce some of the most iconic and groundbreaking pieces in modern design, many of which are still manufactured to this day.

One of the most famous and respected brands is American manufacturer Herman Miller.  Founded in the early 1900s, it is largely considered among the most prolific and influential in pioneering modern design furniture, thanks to the efforts of late American industrial designer George Nelson.  Today, Herman Miller is the brand behind pieces like the Aeron Chair by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, the various furniture by Charles and Ray Eames, and Isamu Noguchi's innovative coffee table.

Knoll, Italian lighting company FLOS, and Swiss furniture company Vitra have paved the way for newer brands that have earned their place in modern design furniture like Blu Dot, launched in 1997.  Collectively, each of these brands provide unique pieces that continue to drive the furniture industry and modern design movement forward, earning awards and a permanent placement in museums and galleries throughout the world.

Explore the many brands we have available on the CA Modern Home website.  Each of these have unique pieces for sale that reflect a moment in the history of furniture design and will fit virtually any room or setting.  You can learn about the company itself, its product categories, and learn more about its designers.